Day: November 12, 2017

Four years later…

In 2013 I created a blog site called WaterJuice, hosted on a domain “”. For a  couple of months I wrote various articles on it relating to cryptography and various other C project things that interested me. Then I got busy with other things and left the site be. Eventually the domain expired and at some point I changed my hosting provider and did not even have a copy of the original site.

Recently I have been wanting to recreate past sites I’ve made in a more permanent manner. Preferably one that does not involve me paying indefinitely to keep its presence. For my other newer blog projects (most drawing related) I have been using Previously I have not wanted to use free hosting and have opted to using wordpress software on my own paid domains. However the problem is after some years of not using a site, the motivation to keep paying the renewal fees wanes. So I wanted something that would stick around after I had got bored with a site. So has been brilliant for that. I have a few new sites hosted on that, happily knowing that if I never update them again they won’t just vanish from the Internet.

I have also been trying to recreate my old sites. I have had various ones that I have hosted myself previously, all go which have eventually faded away and expired. Sadly I never kept a local copy of these sites, however the “Way back machine” has been diligently saving websites over the years. I have been patiently copy and pasting content from my old sites into new ones. I still have not finished my cartoon ones as there is a lot of content and it takes quite a lot of time. My WaterJuice site had a lot fewer articles and has not taken me as long to recreate. I have almost every article I wrote except a few right at the start (including the introduction) resurrected in this new site

I also plan to start writing some more. A fair bit has changed in the past 4 years. Back in 2013 I was using Visual Studio 2010 (I never got into 2012 or 2013). Now I use 2017 having previously used 2015. I also now use Cmake which I find amazing and brilliant and will write an article about.

Also since 2013, SHA-3 has become a ratified thing, so I will definitely talk about that soon. Additionally Creative Commons CC0 became something that could be applied to software (back in 2013 the recommendation was against it, hence I used UNLICENSE to put my code into public domain).

So a fair bit has changed over the years, and I am quite keen to write some more articles. For how long? I don’t know, but I at least now they should remain available on the internet indefinitely.

Stay tuned for updates 🙂